Sunday, 14 June 2015

Worthing 10k

I’ve had a bit of leg/ankle pain for the last 6 weeks which I’ve been struggling to lose. I’ve been going slow for the last month and I didn’t run at all in the 8 days before the Worthing 10k to see if resting would make a difference. It worked. I’ve still a few twinges but I managed to get through the run without any major pain.

And I managed a PB in the run after cycling over from East Preston.

10 about the Worthing 10
  • They gave away a new flavour of Lucozade (mango and passionfruit). It was good
  • Weather was too hot
  • But fortunately it wasn’t too too windy
  • The course is an out and back one. It goes along the seafront but the sea is out of site for much of the run.
  • I was beaten on the line by a women who I was behind for much of the race but who I took over in the last km. I’d have sprinted if I’d realised she was so close. (I do often try and keep up with someone else running at a similar pace to me)
  • They gave small bottles of water at half way
  • I got a medal. And no goody bag (in previous years I’m told they gave away mugs)
  • I found it easier than the Bognor 10k a few weeks earlier where the wind hit me hard for the last 5km and I completely lost energy
  • 10k is a nice distance for a run. 5k is basically run as fast as you can. 10k about a bit more stamina and getting pacing right is more important.
  • I’ve discovered Jointace Gel. Very good massage gel for joints and muscles.
  • I know I should start stretching after running. But I doubt I will. 

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