Friday, 1 July 2011


No interest to anyone else, but am going to start recording the films I've seen. As of 1 July 2011

A Serious Man 4/7/2011 Coen Brothers. Finished on a very slow bus number 3. A burst watermain at Brixton meant the journey took over an hour. I didnt really get it.
Burn After Reading 9/7/2011. Another Coen Brothers. Finished in a Travelodge in Slough when Cycling with Joe Oldman. Pretty enjoyable film.
Fallen. 2/8/2011. Like Denzil Washington but didnt like the film. Bad demons fly into humans and do their deed.
Ready For This. 28/7/2011 Tim Minchin. Very good.
Year One. 23/8/2011. Jack Black. Just think about what they could have done with the money they used to make this. Very bad. But I quite liked it!
Yes Man 1/7/2011 Jim Carey Started watching on the number 3 bus. Finished on train to Chichester. Quite enjoyed it, despite it being predictable.