Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pimilico car boot


The morning after Green Day and Merrily, we popped to a car boot in Pimlico.




Green Day at the Emirates


Brilliant gig.

WP_20130601_005  WP_20130601_007WP_20130601_008 WP_20130601_009 WP_20130601_010


They didn’t manage to keep the kitchen clean


I hung out at the back for most of the gig.

WP_20130601_019 WP_20130601_028 WP_20130601_046

Monday, 17 June 2013

Comedy in London


We popped into London for a Comedy for Kids show at the Udderbelly on the bank holiday weekend. George loved it. We had time to have a go at table tennis at the Wonderground and play in St James’ Park.



Sunday, 16 June 2013

The fair is back


In late May the fair was back in Bognor. George and I went on the £1 a ride night. We experienced one of the worst ghost trains I’ve ever been on.

WP_20130520_001 WP_20130520_002 WP_20130520_003 WP_20130520_005

 WP_20130520_009 WP_20130520_010

Hotham Park


An hour at the Park for George and David in May.


George struggled to get onto the zipwire though.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A day at the races


I won a prize, thanks to Mccarthy and Stone, of free tickets to Goodwood Races. George was more interested in the fair than the horses. And I didn’t win any money. But it was fun.




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Chichester City Band visit Bognor


In May Chichester City Band visited Bognor.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bognor to Aldingbourne

Yesterday I cycled with Cycle Bognor to Aldingbourne. A nice Saturday afternoon  in the sun.

Here is the route. You will see if you look carefully, the point where I somehow turned the watch off for a few hundred meters.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Brent Lodge open day


Michelle had a stall at Brent Lodge Open Day earlier in the year.


I was the hired help. But spent most of the time staring at the Polish bread.


There were a few other stallholders. But not a lot of visitors.


Brent Lodge is quite a nice Wildlife Hospital near Selsea.














Sunday, 2 June 2013



I think my parents like Dalmatians. Look what I found in their house.


Chester Half Marathon


In Mid May I did the Chester Half Marathon. Lots of Bananas and free Lucozade at the start.

WP_20130512_001 WP_20130512_002

I relaxed in the sun before. But really struggled with the race. Not training for a month is not good.

My dad managed to get a picture of me coming up the hill to the end.

chester hal 

One of the worst 1/2 marathon times in a long time. But I quite enjoyed it!

That’ll be the day


After the Chester Half Marathon, my parents treated me to a show. That’ll be the day. Quite an interesting show. Great in parts (some good 50s/60s Rock and Roll and likeable performers), OK in other parts, and absolutely terrible in bits (out of tune a couple of times and 2 terrible skits – one awful segment featuring Bill and Ben and one Mick Jagger section which was just embarrassing. The band was great for most of it, although it was a bit pub band ish in parts.

But the crowd loved it.

And many seem to go to see this tour every time it’s in town. 700 odd tickets at £25 plus merc is quite a nice income if you are performing 5 times a week.



Llandudno was looking good though.


And I can understand the harp. But what is the tea party scene for?

Madeline had a christening


We had a fun day at Madeline’s Christening (despite almost arriving late)


There were some staged photographs.


Some cake


Mummy and Daddy


Some family.

WP_20130428_019 WP_20130428_021 WP_20130428_023 WP_20130428_025

What is Alan thinking?


Paul waved some paper. Then pretended to cut a cake.



And I let George take a few photos.



I drank all the wine.