Friday, 31 May 2013

Wembley again


For the second time in a season, Wrexham were at Wembley. This time it didn’t end so well.

Before the game.



WP_20130505_009 WP_20130505_014 WP_20130505_016








Can you see Stephen Fairhurst down there at the front.


There he is.


And some happy Newport fans.


Michelle’s knitted welcome


Michelle knitted these for sale at a local craft fair at Brent Lodge. They looked quite nice welcoming people into the home for a while. Have a look at what Michelle is doing now via her Jumbleshell facebook page.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Welcome home


This was what welcomed me when I got home after my recent trip to Bremen. A lovely welcome.


Monday, 27 May 2013

A visit to Bremen


I recently visited Bremen in Germany for a few days. This is what I learnt.

1) They have an interesting train station.



2) You can buy cigarettes from a machine (but have to scan your ID to prove your age).


3) There is a windmill.


4) Some animals stand on top of each other.


And the Bremen tourist authorities make a lot of these animals.


5) It is a city of trams. They are everywhere. Affordable and easy to navigate.


6) There are plenty of other statues.



7) Some attractive buildings.

WP_20130413_024 WP_20130413_038 WP_20130413_039

8) A nice farmers market.


9) It’s quite hard to find the toilets. And when you do, they aren’t very accesible (behind building  works at the moment).

 WP_20130413_065 WP_20130413_066

10) There is a (somewhat vague) connection with Robinson Crusoe.


11) A playground in the town centre.


12) Quite a nice old town.

WP_20130413_058 WP_20130413_063

13) And more statues.

 WP_20130413_030 WP_20130413_040 WP_20130413_041 WP_20130413_043

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


We met up with Wallace when we were at Blackpool in April. I was more excited than George. But we both enjoyed the new ride (Thrill-O-Matic)

WP_20130406_001 WP_20130406_002 








George isn’t good at posing for photos.


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bognor 10k


I ran the Bognor 10k last weekend. It’s a really nice run and this year there people on the street cheering on the runners over the whole race. It goes along the seafront, around Felpham, past Butlins and then back down alongside the promenade.

I was still recovering from injury (and a bad Chester half marathon the week before). But I’m glad I did it. About 7 or 8 minutes slower than last year but at least my legs held out.

WP_20130519_001 WP_20130519_002 WP_20130519_006 WP_20130519_008 WP_20130519_010

Even Peppa Pig ran.

WP_20130519_016 WP_20130519_017 WP_20130519_018

Here is a map of the route


And here is my Garmin route and time.